Fund Raising With Fudge Program:

Our homemade fudge is great for fund raising because it is a gourmet quality product that is not commonly available, making it highly desirable. It is delicious, creamy and always made fresh. Fudge always makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Your Organization can make up to 45% profit with our Fudge Fund Raiser, making it easy to raise money without doing multiple fund raising programs.

Fund Raising With Smoked Jerky & Sticks Program:

Our Smoked Beef Jerky & Snack Sticks is great for fund raising because it is a product you can sell any time of the year that everyone enjoys. Our products are made with top quality meats and products ensuring you a great product and fund raising experience.

Barrett’s Smokehouse Fund Raising Programs provide you with the Expertise, Collateral, Training and most of all - Delicious Homemade Products to ensure your Fund Raiser is a Success! Learn more about our Fund Raising with Barrett’s Smokehouse Programs by calling us at 269—323-3700. We would be happy to meet with you to review the fund raising program and how it would benefit your organization.